ADMINISTRATION (Click to Expand)
Gina Burkett
Head of School
Gina entered the field of education shortly after earning her MBA and has over 25 years of experience as a teacher and an administrator. She brings Academy Prep the diversity of school management, marketing, and expertise within the educational realm. Read More...
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Lee Lockhart
Assistant Head of School
Mr. Lee Lockhart was born in WV and since 1999 has made Florida his home. He has a BS from Marshall University and a MA from Central Michigan University. Mr. Lockhart was a teacher and administrator from 1999 – 2016 at Northside Christian School before coming to Academy Prep in 2016. Read Bio...
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Jim Humboldt
Chief Financial Officer
Jim is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame and the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. Jim has been involved in financial management for over thirty years, including eighteen years at General Mills and as the CFO for multiple companies, Read Bio...
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Deborah Kurelik
Academic Dean
Deborah holds both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Mass Communications and a Master of Arts in Reading Education from the University of South Florida. She is reading-endorsed by the state of Florida and is a member of the International Literacy Association. Read More...
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Victoria Alderman
Community Relations Coordinator
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Anita Reece
Admissions & Scholarship Coordinator
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Ron Scarcelli
Technology Coordinator
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Antoinette Smith
Administrative Assistant
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DEVELOPMENT (Click to Expand)

Lacey Nash Miller
Director of Development
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Leigh Gale
Development Manager
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FACULTY (Click to Expand)

Kevia Brock
Upper School Math Teacher
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Hugh Culbreath
Upper School Social Studies Teacher
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Quinn Dolezal
Lower School English Teacher
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Laura Manke
Lower School Social Studies Teacher
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Elizabeth Perkins
Graduate Support Coordinator
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Monica Pollock
Upper School English Teacher
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Latasha Seay
Upper School Science Teacher
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Stephanie Stuefer
Art Teacher
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Shannon Wright
Guidance Counselor
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AMERICORPS (Click to Expand)

Andrea Lantz
AmeriCorps Specialist
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Brittany Munyer
AmeriCorps Specialist
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