The Big Picture

Academy Prep’s educational model is rigorous and focused on our scholars acquiring and applying knowledge. Classes develop scholars’ critical thinking and problem solving, but first we teach our incoming scholars how to be successful students. With high structure and consistent procedures, our scholars become organized, accountable, and achievement-oriented. By encouraging them to “think about their own thinking” our scholars become invested in their own learning.

Core Values

  • academic achievement/college readiness
  • critical thinking
  • excellence
  • leadership
  • integrity
  • respect
  • perseverance (grit)
  • pride — the belief that students are part of something special and great by attending Academy Prep.

Academic Curriculum

  • Emphasis on literacy across the curriculum
  • Scholars take additional English and math classes each week to ensure the highest proficiency
  • Four years of in-depth study in social studies and science, including STEM
  • Spanish instruction
  • Financial literacy, thanks to our partners with Raymond James
  • Media literacy, provided by PBS Kids News Hour
  • Character education
  • Music, fine arts, and performing arts education
  • Recess every day
  • Physical education classes during the week
  • Organic gardening and cooking classes, provided by Fit Families for Life

Curriculum, instruction, assessment, and activities are stringently evaluated to ensure their highest quality, and our faculty is well-trained in best educational practices.