In addition to the full complement of enrichment opportunities that Academy Prep offers in-house, we are proud to partner with several of our region’s leading companies and affinity groups to offer our scholars the following unique and high quality programs. Read about these collaborations below.

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Fit Families for Life
In Partnership w/ Florida Blue
Fit Families for Life is an educational initiative designed to engage our students and their families in programs and activities that foster healthy life choices and positive behaviors. With the involvement and commitment of Florida Blue, the Lightning Foundation, University of Tampa, White Family Foundation, the Rothman Family Foundation, YMCA, and other organizations, Fit Families for Life is designed for sustainability. Read More...
Rosebud Leadership Academy
In Partnership w/ The Links, Inc.
The Rosebud Leadership Academy, a girls’ program that nurtures self confidence and builds self esteem. The Links is a not-for-profit organization of more that 12,000 women of color, committed to enhancing the quality of life in their communities. Read More...
PBS Kids News Hour
In Partnership w/ WEDU
Through a partnership with WEDU the PBS Kids News Program provides students with an opportunity to learn about Communication and Broadcasting. With the guidance of a trained Academy Prep facilitator, the students engage in various video based projects like service announcements, student and teacher recognition, and Academy Prep news reports.
Raymond James Project
In Partnership w/ Raymond James
Specifically designed for 8th grade students, the Raymond James Project provides classroom learning and hands-on activities in both personal and business financial matters. Led by experts from Raymond James, topics include the stock market, mortgages, credit and debit cards, balancing a checkbook, loans, and understanding different financial institutions. Read More...
Regions Financial Education
In Partnership w/ Regions Bank
Through our partnership with Regions Bank, Regions employees make monthly visits to our campus to provide financial education our students on a monthly basis. Classes are held once a month and are taught to our 5th, 6th, and 7th grade students. In these classes, students learn about banking, credit, entrepreneurship, and much more.
Enterprise Village
In Partnership w/ Stavros Institute
As part the 5th grade social studies curriculum, students spend eight weeks in classes studying economic concepts. These concepts are the foundation for teaching students how to run a business, manage personal finances and become educated consumers. Read More...