Academy Prep relies on donations from individuals, businesses and foundations to fund its program. Each student attends Academy Prep through full scholarships generated from private funds. Academy Prep raises funds each year from the local community to provide annual scholarships of $16,000 per student. The Academy Prep mission is critically important. Our community makes a private school education possible for kids who don’t have the resources to get a high-quality education. Students must meet the income guidelines for the federal free or reduced price school meals program, setting their income near or below the poverty line. The Scholarship program is designed to link donors to the students they are supporting through their generosity. As a donor, you are helping change the life path of a student and giving them the tools to become a positive, productive member of society. This is one of the most enduring ways to support Academy Prep!

The following list is a sample of outcomes directly related to the high standards that are maintained and supported by a strong scholarship program:

  • Academy Prep students graduate middle with average national test scores in reading and mathematics at least two years greater than grade level. This is outstanding in the context of the recent research from The Schott Education Fund reporting that only 28% of Florida’s 8th graders are proficient in reading.
  • 93% of Academy Prep alumni graduate from high school, while living in neighborhoods where fewer than half the adults have high school diplomas.
  • 60% of our current students in high school attend independent or boarding schools, with another 15% in advanced public high school programs.

Sponsorship levels:

Class scholarship- $80,000 for a class of boys or girls
Sponsors may choose to “adopt” a class of up to 17 students. Academy Prep will help to arrange a special gathering of the sponsored class and sponsoring person or group. Recognition signage is included with your sponsorship.

Leader scholarship- $17,000 for four (4) years
Leadership sponsors make a 4-year commitment to support a specific student at $17,000 annually. These sponsors will be billed annually and this sponsorship guarantees a four-year private school education for one student.

Champion scholarship- $17,000 for one year
Champion sponsorships allow individuals, groups, families, or businesses to commit to sponsoring a child for one year at Academy Prep. Champion sponsorships are made as a one-year pledge and will not be renewed annually unless the sponsor requests to do so.

Co-champion scholarship- $8,500 for four (4) years
Co-champions may choose to support one student or pledge to support that student partially for the entire four years, donating money annually.

Supporting scholarship- $8,500 and below
A supporting sponsorship is for any individual, group, or business that wishes to designate their gift directly to our scholarship program. Gifts must be at least $1,000 or above.

How it works:

Most donors pay the full amount of their scholarship when they agree to participate in the program, but other payment options exist. For a multi-year pledge, you will be billed annually. You may make your gift of cash or securities. To learn more or to become a sponsor, please contact Lacey Nash Miller, Development Director, at (727) 322-0800 ext. 2109 or

Checks are made payable to Academy Prep Center of St. Petersburg and can be mailed directly to Academy Prep Center of St. Petersburg.