Academy Prep is a Nationally Accredited School!

In the spring of 2016, Academy Prep became a nationally accredited school by the Florida Council of Independent Schools (FCIS) after a two day long visit by members of their committee. The committee interviewed staff and parents, they reviewed our curriculum and they measured our words with our actions. We are grateful for the opportunity and proud of everyone who helped make this dream a reality.


The committee also included some commendations for our school:
  1. The school provided outstanding hospitality in every way and a welcoming spirit was seen from the trustees, teachers, faculty, staff, and students.
  2. The self-study report was exceptional.  It was well-organized both with its written report as well as electronic filing support documentation.
  3. The Board members live and breathe the mission of Academy Prep and are in full support of the school.  The administration and the board work well together.
  4. Teachers openly show love for their students, they are passionate, and provide students with life-changing opportunities.  Their classroom practices/teaching were outstanding.
  5. Students are happy and enthusiastic about their school in spite of the long hours and high expectations.
  6. Students highly respect their peers and their teachers.
  7. The school provides a good variety of athletic and extra-curricular activities and is passionately supported by its staff and faculty.
  8. The school provides parents with many opportunities for parent engagement  – helping to transform parents and thus the community.
  9. There is a strong alumni connection.  Alumni feel blessed to continue their relationship with APSP as they proceed through the years.
  10. Student achievement data is gathered and analyzed thoughtfully and strategically and used to improve student performance.

For more information about FCIS and the accreditation process, please click here.