Sara, Class of 2011

Chatham Hall School (Class of 2015)

After graduating from Academy Prep in 2011 as the valedictorian of my class, I went to Chatham Hall Boarding School.  My time as a freshman at Chatham Hall has been so exhilarating yet exhausting at the same time. I have completed hundreds of projects, taken thousands of tests, and lamented over millions of pieces of homework. As each day passes I can almost feel myself becoming smarter, thinking harder, running faster, and working better.

Chatham Hall is determined to push me to my limits, and then some, for me to become the best I can possibly be. But no matter how difficult something looks at the time, I know the experience will help me overcome future obstacles. Ms. Strong and the other teachers helped me realize that at Academy Prep.

Academy Prep was the first school to push me to my limits, and look how well I turned out – a shy, quiet 5th grader with messy hair to a cool, confident, non-sarcastic young woman shaking hands with Gloria Steinem! That is progress at its quintessence!

Markee, Class of 2010

Shorecrest (Class of 2014)

As a 5th grader, I was a difficult student, always challenging my teachers about rules and their purpose, but I matured a lot during my time at Academy Prep. I became accustomed to the discipline, high expectations, and early mornings, which was important when I began high school at Shorecrest.

My Academy Prep experience opened me up to new extracurricular opportunities like golf, tennis, Pathfinders, as well as many memorable field trips. In fact, my favorite memory is throwing the Ceremonial 1st Pitch at the Rays game to Wade Davis in 2009. I still have that ball!

I believe that Academy Prep has set me up for success. I know that the high school graduation rate for Pinellas County is very low, and even lower in south St. Petersburg.  Academy Prep motivated me to set high expectations for myself and opened the doors to great opportunities for me that most people in my neighborhood will not have.

After I graduate from Shorecrest, I will attend college and focus on computer sciences, computer information systems, or management systems.

Paige, Class of 2006

Manatee School for the Arts (Class of 2010)/ State College of Florida (Class of 2014)

At Academy Prep, I opened my eyes to so many new experiences that make me the person I am today. I served as captain of the golf team, competed in track and field, performed in Academy Prep’s first play, learned proper etiquette, and participated as a community volunteer.

I graduated from Manatee School for the Arts in May 2010 with theater honors, a 3.7 GPA, student government experience, and numerous roles in school productions.  I am now a determined sophomore at State College of Florida in Bradenton.

I attribute all my achievements to the support of my immediate family and my Academy Prep family.  In fact, one of my best memories to this day was walking across the stage at high school graduation and seeing not only my mom, dad, and brother, but also the Graduate Support staff from Academy Prep.


Bernard, Class of 2002

Admiral Farragut (Class of 2006) / Assumption College  (Class of 2010) / Jabil Circuit

While a student at Academy Prep, I learned the valuable tool of self motivation. The teachers and staff taught me that education and self motivation open the doors of opportunity.

After graduation from Academy Prep in 2002, I attended Admiral Farragut Academy and graduated with honors while playing basketball, football and running track. After Farragut, I attended Assumption College in Worcester, Massachusetts, where I excelled in academics and also played football and ran track all four years. In May 2010, I received a BA in Management. I am now employed at Jabil Circuit as a Manufacturing Supervisor and recently earned my Master’s Degree in Business Administration.

I have learned that hard work does pay off. I can honestly say that without Academy Prep, I would not have learned the value of appearance, discipline, self motivation, and hard work, all of which helped me build my character and become the man I am today.


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