Thank you Mrs. Perkins!



Mrs. Elizabeth Perkins has been a part of the Academy Prep family for almost 17 years.  Through those years, she has seen different layers of leadership, faculty, staff, and families walk through these buildings.  She has seen the school go through its toughest times as well as gleaning from days like these where the school is flourishing.  During this past year, Mrs. Perkins has been reflecting on her family, as well as her own wellness, and she and her husband believe it’s an important time to pull away from the demands of a full-time job and redirect her main focus to personal physical restoration and then assisting her extended family, which could include an increased amount of travel.  Of course, this is certainly not goodbye, by any means, and she knows she’ll always be connected to AP and its families, but, for now, this redirection of her time and energies comes at a good season.  As we review Mrs. Perkin’s tenure with Academy Prep, we have so much to celebrate with everything she has invested and the difference she’s made (and will continue to make) in so many lives.  Without doubt, Elizabeth has touched countless families.

We will be utilizing the Graduate Support Task Force to assist us with procuring a Director to come alongside Ms. Courtney Bynum in our pursuit to serve our families, and we will begin that search as soon as possible.

Thank you Mrs. Perkins!   We wish you all the best!