Jessica T. Hooper
Community Volunteer
Volunteering for Academy Prep with sixth grade students in English class was a mutually beneficial experience. I like to think I made a difference with them, but I think it was reversed. They taught me more than I imagined and made a big difference in my life. I witnessed first-hand how the students learn and think. The teachers are also amazing and made a lasting impression.
Sarah Partin
Student, Eckerd College
I began volunteering at Academy Prep early in the school year. As I spent more time with the students, I learned about the service trip the 8th graders took to the Bahamas last year. I was so motivated by the fact that Academy Prep students are dedicated to giving back at such a young age, I decided to create a project called Building Across Borders to help raise funds to cover the cost of the trip. Despite the great amount of work this project has required, I am very dedicated because I know the students will retain a lifelong sense of purpose through serving others on this trip. I have been amazed at how helpful the staff and students have been through this process and am thankful for the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of Academy Prep students.
Ryan Sloan
Volunteering at Academy Prep is both fun and rewarding. I think the empathy and compassion given to these children from everyone involved in this great program is truly commendable. The students are bright and a pleasure to work with. BB&T looks forward to continued involvement and watching these students make a positive impact in our community.