Established in 1996, Academy Prep Foundation, Inc. serves several important functions:

  • To replicate Academy Prep Centers
  • To share best practices among Academy Prep Centers
  • To serve as the funding source for Academy Prep Centers
  • To ensure the efficient operation of Academy Prep Centers

Brief History
The Academy Foundation, Inc. (now known as Academy Prep Foundation, Inc.), was established in 1996 as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, doing business as Academy Prep Center for Education.

In May 2000, four additional 501(c)(3) organizations were established to operate as affiliated entities of Academy Prep Foundation, Inc. These organizations are Academy Prep Center of St. Petersburg, Inc.; Academy Prep Center of Tampa, Inc.; and two others for future centers.AP Flow Chart

The Role of Academy Prep Foundation, Inc. (APF)
The Foundation is responsible for replicating Academy Prep Centers, overseeing Center operations and serving as a funding vehicle for the Centers. The Foundation is the custodian of all unrestricted and restricted funds for the benefit of the Centers and the Foundation. The Centers operate on an annual budget, and distributions are made from the Foundation to the Centers on a quarterly basis. Unrestricted contributions may be used to fund the operations of the Centers and the Foundation, and to replicate additional Centers.

The Role of the Centers
The Academy Prep Centers educate middle school students who qualify needs-based scholarships covering tuition. The model is based upon the success of the Nativity Mission Center, founded in 1970 in New York City. Academy Prep Centers have the responsibility of carrying out the Academy Prep model in accordance with the mission and vision established by Academy Prep Foundation, Inc. Individual Centers are responsible for raising funds within their communities.

Academy Prep Foundation Board of Trustees
Tom Sansone (Chair) – Former President, Jabil Circuit
Joseph Bourdow – Senior Advisor, ValPak
Ben Fisher – Retired Executive Director, Academy Prep Foundation
David Hull – COO and Co-Founder, Veredus Corporation
Jeff Fortune – Retired CEO
Steve Knopik – CEO, Beall’s, Inc.
Linda Marcelli – President, Lucky’s Real Tomatoes
John Erik Savitsky – CEO, ClickAndBind
Paul L. Whiting, Sr. – President, Seabreeze Holdings

Ensuring the Future
Each Academy Prep campus raises funds to ensure the long-term viability of each school. The “Board Designated Endowment” grown by these funds allows each school to focus more on the business of educating and supporting students in need and less on annual fundraising to pay for student scholarships.

To learn how you can help solidify the foundation of Academy Prep through the board designated endowment, contact:

Maggie McCleland
Development Director
Academy Prep Center of Tampa
813.248.5600 x1138

Lacey Nash-Miller
Development Director
Academy Prep Center of St. Petersburg
727.322.0800 x2109