Dear Academy Prep Tampa Community,

On behalf of Academy Prep Center of Tampa’s Board of Trustees, we are delighted and honored to announce the appointment of L’Tanya Evans as our next Head of School, effective June 1, 2019. The Board’s Search Committee and Board of Trustees voted unanimously and enthusiastically to appoint Ms. Evans to the position after a thorough vetting of many highly qualified candidates by the Head of School Search Committee. Ms. Evans has worked her entire career to prepare herself to be a head of school and in her we find our next leader. After visiting the school and several meetings with the search committee she said: “I was curious about the opportunity. My curiosity has been nourished by the board, faculty, administration and children of Academy Prep Tampa and now it has grown into an aspiration. I would be honored and delighted to be the head of school at Academy Prep Center of Tampa. I’ve found my match.” L’Tanya shares our sense of mission and believes ours is powerful and impactful.

Ms. Evans brings a wealth of experience in school leadership; English, visual and performing arts instruction; and effective pedagogy to this role. She is joining APT after 16 years at The Out-of-Door Academy in Sarasota, where she has been Associate Head of School for Academic Affairs since 2016 with supervision over all 12 Department Heads, the Directors of Middle and Upper School Academic Services, and has dotted line supervision over all three Division Directors and their Assistant Heads. In prior years, Ms. Evans served as Academic Dean and Head of Visual and Performing Arts, Dean of Students, and Head of the English Department. Notably, she has held three department chair positions across her tenure, but importantly, remains the sole member of the administrative team who consistently remained in the classroom as well, either in English, performing or visual arts, or history. 

Ms. Evans’s warmth and ease with students and faculty was apparent from the moment she stepped on the Academy Prep campus to visit. After visiting APT, she said: “There is a saying that I’ve heard from time to time that has to do with falling in love, ‘it happens when you least expect it.’ Needless to say, I have fallen in love with this amazing school and its mission.”

Ms. Evans holds an M.A. in Liberal Studies from Northwestern University and a B.A. in English and Communications from Chatham University. Of note, her colleagues at The Out-of-Door Academy and beyond could not have recommended her more highly for this new role.

On behalf of APT’s Board, we would like to take this opportunity to express our deep appreciation to all who have devoted so much time, care, thought, and heart to the process that led us to selecting Ms. Evans. We are especially grateful to the Search Committee; joining me on this committee were our founder Paul Whiting, Sr., former Tampa Preparatory School Head of School Susanna Fenhagen, former Board Chairs Oscar Horton and David Hull, and trustee Willie Tims.

Finally, we would like to thank the APT community for your valuable input throughout the search process, and of course for your continued generous support of the school. As the search process officially and happily concludes, the most important work must now follow. Over the next many months and into the first year of Ms. Evans’s tenure, the Board, Lincoln Tamayo, and the whole school will have much to do to ensure both smooth leadership transition and a warm welcome of L’Tanya into APT’s wonderful community. We are in the process of putting together a transition team that will lead the effort to assist her as she gets settled and guides our school into its next great chapter. All of us on the Board are excited and optimistic for the future and for the leadership Ms. Evans will bring to our school.

Thank you, and welcome to L’Tanya Evans.

Patricia Douglas
Chair, Board of Trustees

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Search Committee
Patricia Douglas, Chair
Paul Whiting, Sr.
Susanna Fenhagen
Oscar Horton
David Hull
Willie Tims