Admissions Exam Registration: School Year 2019-2020

Students of Academy Prep Center of Tampa receive income-based tuition scholarships. Scholarships are obtained through Step Up For Students (SUFS) or AAA Scholarships. Every new Academy Prep student must have one or the other previously mentioned scholarships. There is no fee to apply for a scholarship. Please visit either or both websites by clicking on the scholarship name to get started. You will be re-directed to the scholarship website.

All new students must complete and submit one of the above mentioned income-based scholarship applications before May 31, 2019.

Note: Students who qualify for the federal school meals program (either free or reduced school meals) will qualify for an income-based scholarship.

If your student does NOT qualify for an income-based scholarship, please STOP:
Your student does NOT qualify for admission to Academy Prep. For further information, please contact Luly Socias, Admissions and Scholarship Coordinator at 813-248-5600 ext. 1111.

Applications are still being accepted for girls in grade 4 seeking admission to grade 5.

All other classrooms have been filled.

Girls in grade 4 seeking admission to grade 5 for the 2019-2020 school year:

1. Call the school (813-248-5600) to schedule an admissions test before June 1.

2. Submit an income based scholarship application at:

Step Up For Students

3. Bring to the admissions test, your child’s:

-recent report card

-birth certificate

-social security card

Copies will be made in the school office.

Summer session is June 10 – 28, 2019. All students are required to be in attendance. Summer attendance is an integral part of admissions.