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My experience with volunteering and mentoring at Academy Prep has been nothing short of amazing. As a youth I had similar living and social surroundings as the kids at Academy Prep; had it not been for the generous support of others through their time and resources, I would not be in the position I am today.

Academy Prep provides a platform of hope to these youth that I’m sure will be almost impossible to see duplicated in other places. I’m thankful for the loving staff and faculty as well as the supporters of Academy Prep. Most importantly, I am proud to be involved in giving the students at Academy Prep an opportunity to prosper in Mind, Heart, and Spirit, which prepares them to go out and make a difference in their community.


Ashley Kearny, University of Tampa Student

I learned about Academy Prep through the work study program at the University of Tampa. I have been volunteering here for almost four years, helping with study hall and enrichment activities. I also started an enrichment class called Spartan Sports where I taught the boys sports management and helped them learn about career opportunities other than being a professional athlete. In my opinion, Academy Prep is about teaching and embracing civility, compassion, and honesty with an appreciation for the arts and all of those things that must be paired with core curriculum to set the foundation for respectful, humble, and culturally aware young adults. 


Judge Chris Altenbernd, Florida Second District Court of Appeal Judge

I have been scoutmaster of Troop 100 at Academy Prep for the last four years. I have had the opportunity to work with all of the boys in the school.  We camp or hike as often as possible, and I have been able to spend over 35 nights camping with the scouts. I have worked with scouts all of my life, and this troop is the brightest, most eager to learn troop ever. It is wonderful to watch them grow and mature as they advance through their four years at Academy Prep. The school is just a few minutes from downtown, which allows me to eat lunch with the scouts at least once a week. I am always looking for men and women to volunteer with the troop. The students at Academy Prep make volunteering a joy — one of those rare cases where you truly do get back far more than you give.